Lincoln died today, 154-years-ago

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865) was shot yesterday 154-years-ago on April 14, 1865. He was 56-years-old. Lincoln’s death was Propaganda of the Deed. John Wilkes Booth (1838-1865), a Confederate sympathizer, was strongly opposed to the abolition of slavery. He did not see… Read More ›

Chunbun (춘분, 春分)

Thursday, March 21, 2019, is Chunbun (춘분, 春分), the halfway point between the winter and summer solstices. It’s the 15th day of the second lunar month, it’s the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere, and it marks the… Read More ›

The Street Fighter

Time February 13, 2012 Cover: This man is busting Wall St. — Prosecutor Preet Bharara collars the masters of the meltdown. Section: Nation Title: The Street Fighter — U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has already taken down some of the financial… Read More ›

When did it happen?

Someone asked me recently when it happened? It started with Newt Gingrich and his Republican Party when he first shut down the federal government in 1995 and then again in 1995-1996. Gingrich, of all people, marked the death of the… Read More ›