Stormy Daniels lawsuit…

Some interesting points about the Stormy Daniels lawsuit.   She’s asking the court to decide whether or not a contract requiring her silence is valid.   The contract is signed anonymously. She’s “PP” in the contract and Donald Trump is… Read More ›

The Pritchard Score

The Pritchard Score in honor of Dr. J. Evans Pritchard, Ph.D.       To score your book, please begin at zero and then run through the following questions.   Did you stay up late past your bedtime to read… Read More ›

The Cyclops

Chapter 12 — The Cyclops   …The figure seated on a large boulder at the foot of a round tower was that of a broadshouldered deepchested stronglimbed frankeyed redhaired freelyfreckled shaggybearded widemouthed largenosed longheaded deepvoiced barekneed brawnyhanded hairylegged ruddyfaced sinewyarmed… Read More ›