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  • Point of View 4

    “That’s so dumb. You’re such a dork!” Kim laughed.   “Hey, no, girl. This is legit. ‘What’s your love language?’ That’s my question,” insisted Deon.   “That sounds stupid. What’s a ‘love language’ anyway?”   “Well, here. Hang on. Here… Read More ›

  • Point of View 3

    Oh, damn, there’s no parking, Elaine thought, leaning forward to stare through the windshield. It was sprinkling mildly, and it was getting dark. She circled the block again, eyeing whether she’d fit into that almost-spot at the corner. Meh. Should… Read More ›

  • Point of View 2

    Left right left right breathe up stairs two three at-a-time arms pump pump, shoulders bang bump, handrail, spin ’round the landing. Next floor. Oof. Tear down the hall. Pump legs. Four long leapsteps. Race. Halfstep at the end. Breathe. Stairs… Read More ›

  • Point of View 1

    It was on this bench that they kissed. Either she kissed him or he kissed her. She’s not sure how it went. It wasn’t a forceful kiss, or anything aggressive. It was almost a snuggle — a snorgle, as it… Read More ›

  • Stormy Daniels lawsuit…

    Some interesting points about the Stormy Daniels lawsuit.   She’s asking the court to decide whether or not a contract requiring her silence is valid.   The contract is signed anonymously. She’s “PP” in the contract and Donald Trump is… Read More ›

  • “The Lady with the Dog” (1899) and other short stories by Anton Chekhov

      A window opens… and the window closes. There are prairies and rolling grasslands, orchards and dense woods, a pier down on the esplanade where the ferry comes in. Love grows, love is professed, love is refused, love sometimes fades…. Read More ›

  • “Fahrenheit 451” (1953) by Ray Bradbury

    Burn, burn, burn. Inquisition book burnings. Salem witch trials. Stalin show trials. Nazi book burnings. McCarthyism. The Red Guard. And we are all apathetic. We: the solid unmoving cattle of the majority. We lie in our room of screens, surrounded… Read More ›