Stormy Daniels lawsuit…

Some interesting points about the Stormy Daniels lawsuit.


She’s asking the court to decide whether or not a contract requiring her silence is valid.


The contract is signed anonymously. She’s “PP” in the contract and Donald Trump is allegedly “DD”.


This leaves Trump with two options. On the one hand, he could deny that he is “DD”. This means that Daniels is fully within her rights to release all of the photos and text messages that Trump denies having sent her. These were apparently damning enough to merit a payoff of USD $130’000.


On the other hand, Trump could assert that he is, in fact, the “DD” in the contract and is therefore entitled to the protections therein (i.e., Daniels has to keep quiet). This would prevent her from releasing the photos/ text messages.


However, it would also confirm that a.) Trump and/ or Michael Cohen committed campaign finance violations, and b.) that they set up limited liability corporations to conceal their crimes.


Now, Fox News et al will try to frame this as salacious tabloid fodder. We need to remind the public that this is a sitting president committing campaign finance violations to conceal criminal acts.


Finally, adultery is still a crime in New York state. If Trump asserts he is “DD”, then the contract is possibly voidable: you can’t sign a contract to cover up a crime.


Another point about adultery, Melania Trump would then be in the right to file for divorce and to claim 50% of Trump’s total assets. This would lead to an opening of Trump’s personal finances in a court of law, and divorce records are public records.


So here I am in my hippie-liberal-urban-pinko-commie-snowflake cocoon, harping on about uncouth behavior, a misunderstanding of economics, downright racism and a deep disregard for our intelligence agencies… when in the end it might be something as prosaic as lying about sex that brings him down.


I feel like my parents must have felt living through Watergate. May we live in interesting times~

[Source: a Reddit “best of” post I saw yesterday that linked to some podcast, but I can’t find the links at the moment.]

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