The Mighty Platte


If you’re looking for a tasteful North American river, I would recommend the Platte~




It doesn’t have the majestic reach of the Mackenzie or the Mississippi, nor the vice presidential/ silver medal aspects of the Snake, the Ohio or the Missouri. It doesn’t carry the Rockies into the Pacific pebble-by-pebble as does the Fraser or its southern sister the Columbia, it avoids the urban pomp of the Hudson, and it has much better weather than the Yukon or the Saint Lawrence.

Among our family of North American rivers, the Platte stands out for its uniqueness and for its individuality, for it is truly an un-North American river.

First, it’s modest and polite, two characteristics that you generally do not associate with North American braggadocio.

Second, it plays a quiet, if vital, role in North American history, both human and animal. It’s less “Elvis Presley meets Versailles” and more “Margaret Laurence hosts Georgia O’Keeffe for dinner”.

It is born among peaks that top >3’400 meters (>11’000 feet) — truly Himalayan of it — and for much of its length it is a linear green oasis in an otherwise arid part of the continent — truly Nilean of it.

So here’s to the Platte, a unique and individual North American river!

Happy Friday. Tra-la-la~

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