Northeast Asia to the Arctic Atlantic

How do you get from Northeast Asia to the Arctic, specifically the part of the Arctic above the Atlantic Ocean? 

Seoul (ICN) to Iqaluit (YFB) on southern Baffin Island can cost around USD $2’410 per person. The route in both directions goes Seoul (ICN)-Vancouver (YVR)-Ottawa (YOW)-Iqaluit (YFB). Total travel time is ~34-36 hours, and total travel distance is 12’012 km/ 7’464 miles. 

Now, just 825 km/ 513 miles across the icy North Atlantic Ocean sits the giant island of Greenland and its southern capital, Nuuk. 

Seoul (ICN) to Nuuk (GOH) in southwestern Greenland can cost USD $4’239 per person. This route is quite varied. The trip there goes Seoul (ICN)-Abu Dhabi (AUH)-Paris (CDG)-Reykjavik (RKV)-Nuuk (GOH). Total travel time is 32 hours, and you’ll cover 15’772 km/ 9’800 miles.

Now, the trip back goes Nuuk (GOH)-Kangerlussuaq (SFJ)-Copenhagen (CPH)-London (LHR)-Seoul (ICN). It takes upwards of 42 hours of travel time, and you cover 13’623 km/ 8’465 miles. 

Dates are June 1 to 20, 2019.

Which would you prefer? 🙂

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