Bush Jr.’s Contrition

When I saw Bush Jr.’s tears at his father’s memorial, I believed they were genuine. Bush Jr. regrets not having listened to his father when it mattered, and now his father is gone.

Bush Sr. was a foreign policy expert. Bush Jr., the rebel, did not listen to his father.

Bush Jr. proceeded to do everything of which we now accuse Trump. Bush Jr. undermined the Western alliance, dismissed Europe and mocked “old Europe”, sidelined NATO and brushed aside its offer to come to the U.S.’s aide after 9/11, revelled in a unilateral U.S. and cracked Western unity. Bush Jr. brought a wrecking ball to the rules-based international order, discarded that order, and invaded Iraq.

What do you do when 19 radical-fundamentalist Saudis based in lawless rural Afghanistan attack New York and D.C.? You invade the Baathist dictatorship in Iraq.

Bush Jr. knows now that he made a mistake by listening to his Neocon acolytes. He regrets not listening to his father.

So now… many years later… he feels contrition. True contrition. His tears at his dad’s funeral were real. Bush Jr. has grown up.

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