The Pritchard Score

The Pritchard Score

in honor of Dr. J. Evans Pritchard, Ph.D.




To score your book, please begin at zero and then run through the following questions.


  1. Did you stay up late past your bedtime to read this book, incurring wrath and/ or questions from family members and/ or loved ones? (If yes, +1.)
  2. Did you read while drinking quietly alone? (If yes, +1.)
  3. Did you read passages out loud to a friend or family member? (If yes, +1.)
  4. Did you read for more than one hour at a time at least twice, perhaps on a Sunday afternoon? (If yes, +1.)
  5. Did you read over lunch hour at school or work? Did you carry the book with you to school or to work, or to read while on the road? (If yes, +1.)
  6. Did you carry the book with you, but not have time to read it? Like, did you just carry it with you for a day, without reading it? (If yes, +1.)
  7. Did you have to force yourself to read this, or did your reading sessions just flow naturally? (If forced, -1. If naturally, +1.)
  8. Did you photograph passages of the text or cover and post it to social media? (If yes, +1.)
  9. Did you laugh out loud? Did it make you guffaw? (If yes, +2.)
  10. Did it take you more than a month to finish it? Was it a real slog to finish? (If yes, -1.)
  11. Were you amazed at the awesomely acrobatic writing of the author’s style? Did the sentences soar? (If yes, +1.)
  12. Did you learn anything by reading this book? (If yes, +1.)
  13. Would you recommend this book to a friend who’s a non-reader? (If yes, +2.)
  14. Would you recommend this book to a friend who’s already an avid reader? (If yes, only a +1.)
  15. Do you hope your child reads this book in the future, as an adult? (If yes, +1.)
  16. Do you wish that your parents had read this book? (If yes, +1.)
  17. Did you incur palpable emotion: tears of happiness, tears of sadness, fear, did you feel sick, was it horribly awkward, did you feel joy? (If yes, +2.)
  18. Did it move you? Were you moved? Did this book make you want to run for office in order to right the wrongs of the world? (If yes, +2.)


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